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It’s pretty clear that reading to your kids is important. Unfortunately some of the books that end up hanging around are, let’s say, a little “subpar” - especially by the time you read them 16 or, heaven forbid, 473 times. Every book you read your kids is One Grain to add to their Knowledge so why not choose bed time stories that are educational AND half decent! Check out the awesome list below!

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Educational Kid's Books


Welcome to the inner workings of my process for discovering kid's books that are educational AND awesome. When I find out about new books that could make the cut, I process them each through the following steps or stages:

  1. Having just heard of it, I add it to the full list (below).
  2. I put it on hold at the library or acquire it some other way.
  3. I read it and it looks good! At this stage I typically add it to the list above.
  4. I buy it - budget permitting.
  5. I put it in a special book shelf just for these awesome educational books.
  6. If it doesn't appear to be age appropriate, I wouldn't add it to this list.
  7. If it isn't educational even though I initially thought it was, it will end up in stage 8.
  8. If it isn't good enough to buy or recommend, it ends up in stage 9.

Here is the full list including all the above stages (you may need to change the view to see all the books):

Educational Kid's Books Grain Of Knowledge Grain Of Knowledge Grain Of Knowledge

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